1. Please tell us why you chose Askins Cremation Funeral Services.  (Please mark all that apply)
(  )  Previously served our family
(X)  Recommended by someone close to the family
(  )   Personally know the owner
(  )  Advertising (Please specify _______________________________________)
(  )  Internet/Website

2.  How would you describe the following aspects of this funeral home?
     A.  Location
      ( ) Excellent
      (  ) Good
      (  ) Poor
      (X) N/A

     B.  Reputation
       (X) Excellent
       (  ) Good
       (  ) Poor
       (  ) N/A

     C.  Professionalism, Attention to Detail, and Compassion of Funeral Director
(X) Excellent
       (  ) Good
       (  ) Poor
       (  ) N/A

3. With respect to your overall experience, the cost was...
 (X) Less than expected
 (  ) As expected
 (  ) More than expected

4.  Would you recommend this funeral home to others?
(X) Yes               (  ) No

5.  Please tell us more about your experience with Askins Cremation Funeral  Services  (Please use back of page if necessary)
"We were very impressed with your kindness and availability.  We liked the way you talked us through the whole process."

6. Do you give Askins Cremation Funeral Services permission to post this information to the business website to inform others of your experience? (X) Yes ( ) No